Your Feedback Fallback

Who do you listen to when it comes to collecting feedback? Managing the information involves more than just sorting through a complaints jar at the front desk. There are many people and bodies who wish to make their voices known, so it’s important that you put the right emphasis on listening properly to all input.

The most widely regarded group is the customer. When feedback management is brought up, frequently people will speak only of the customer opinion, the customer experience, or the customer’s choice. This is a huge part of building your direction as a company, and it is a safe bet to put your faith in the ideals of the customer when it comes to product/policy development. Not only do customers want to be heard, your company really needs to hear them.

While the customer group is definitely pivotal to maintaining (or achieving!) a successful business, the truth is, the customer opinion may be on an equally valuable standing with the unsung hero: employee opinion. As the front line of your work force, employees see a ground level reality that can be lost on higher-tier salaried company members, or customers who haven’t had the experience to point out key differences. Employees who are working directly with your product and customers in the field have a huge advantage and expertise on the inner workings of your company that may even be superior to your own! Tapping into this wealth of information can only lead your team to good places.

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This post was written by Hallie Dunn

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