Feedback Management

Collecting feedback from your customers is a necessary to improve a business, as we all know. Some of the more popular methods are survey and poll based, because of a few key advantages: it’s quick, it’s easy, and it produces “actionable data.” But is it really actionable data, if the data can’t possibly capture the actual feedback that customers have to offer?

Surveys and polls offer your company little in terms of rich, real data. With those methods, the only thing you’ll be able to get is a huge quantity of information with a very low quality to it. If you really want to succeed when collecting feedback from customers, you must have a feedback management system, not just a survey option.

With a customer feedback management system, people are not limited to canned, “yes” and “no” responses. More often than not, if you are polling for information on how customers interact with your company, they have more to say than just yes and no. And that’s where the real meat of feedback is hiding; when you find a customer who wants to elaborate, you have found a goldmine. Customer feedback management systems are built to encourage people to get specific and get excited, which can really improve the image of your company as well as gleaning important information to use in business choices. The IdeaWall thrives on customers who want to share, and that’s not the only benefit you stand to gain. Start using the IdeaWall toady and start teaming up with buyers!

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