Employee Satisfaction

Sifting through the feedback you’ve received from customers can be a lengthy, but extremely fruitful job. Some of the most pertinent company information is held within the customer’s mind, and utilizing your feedback properly can have a huge impact on the success of your company. But customers are only one part of the congregation of people who have sway, stake, and say in the way your company runs. You’ll need to set up an efficient, encompassing system for gleaning feedback from your employees as well!

Employees can often double as customers themselves, which gives them even more of an expertise in dealing with the workings of your business and its products. Not only can you gain feedback which will improve the way your product or business model functions, but making your employees feel heard can improve performance and morale, which has endless benefits to both agents and customers.

Creating a safe space like anonymous forums and surveys can encourage associates to open up in a real way, which will get to the grit of the feedback that can truly make an impact on the standing of your management and their relationship with the staff. And the categories don’t have to be strictly product related—when it comes to employee feedback, the broader the better. Create forums on sick days, or snack machines, or basketball teams. The idea is to know your people, so that you can make your people happy.

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