The Decision Making Process

When enticing a customer to make a decision in favor of your company’s products, it can help to think in the mindset of that customer. What is it that makes you choose a product when you do? What factors are involved when buying a product, as a consumer? It can be complicated list, but more often than not it’s actually a pretty simple set of values that defines your decision making with a product or company.

It comes down to necessity, trust, and resources. When you want to buy, your most important questions are: Do I trust the company? Do I need the product? Can I purchase today?
When you are selling a product it is most effective to come at it with those key elements in mind. A customer who gets a sense of understanding from the agent who is selling the product is much more likely to buy it than pass it up. The best methods of sales involve truly connecting with your customers, and helping them to the conclusion that works well for their particular set of concerns and needs, rather than just tossing a worn –out sales pitch at them and hoping it lands.

It’s also important to sound confident and to be confident. When you believe in your own product it shows through honest action, and you should never be afraid to show your potential customers how you really feel about the product you make. A crucial piece of information to glean from your customer is: Do they want what you are planning to sell? If the answer is yes, then you really can’t go wrong with openly discussing the advantages and benefits of your version of the product they need.

Closing the sale is the most vital part of your interactions with customers. Luckily, influencing their decision making process can be as simple as connecting!

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