What to look for in customer feedback

It may seem like common knowledge what sort of tools a person needs to successfully manage customer feedback: collection methods and rules of organization. But this is just a broad view of a much more nuanced subject which deserves a critical eye to be properly utilized to a company’s advantage. In truth, there are several absolutely necessary facets of a customer feedback management system that you should look out for before deciding on which system would work best for your company.

First, consider the voting. In a customer feedback system, you will want the voting options to be customized to your needs. If there’s only one option, such as up/down voting, this may not encompass all that your customers want to relay to the company. Make sure the feedback solution that you select is not limited in this way so that the information you gather with it is not improperly skewed.

Secondly, consider the intake. Do ideas become automatically arranged in a readable manner? Is there a natural order of things which shakes down as the input is gathered? Or is it more of a lump sum, collected and deposited in a pre-made chart? The former has such advantages that it cannot be overlooked as an imperative component to successful feedback management.
Thirdly, you should consider the method of moderation. Customer input can become a haywire field without a little bit of guidance. How much guidance is required for your particular company is a personal matter – would you need a system that supports itself and does most of the management with dynamic organizational applications, or a system which requires heavy monitoring and Admin input to continue being relevant?

Ultimately the choice of customer feedback management is up to the company, but the goal remains the same: if your customer feedback management system is working, your work load should be just a little lighter.

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This post was written by Hallie Dunn

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