Engaging in Customer Feedback

As we’ve stated in other posts, the need for your company to collect customer feedback is absolutely necessary to run a successful operation. The buyers are the lifeblood of the business, with the insight and experience to tell you what is working for your company and what may stand some improvement. Without it, you could wind up in a wayward spot with little inspiration and an unreliable game plan moving forward.

Once you’ve begun your foray into the world of customer feedback management, it’s then important to understand what type of information you are receiving, and where to listen to get the most of your customers’ voices. One of the best places to get real, pure feedback is to keep your eye on the user generated content. When users begin to produce their own content with your company as the subject, your only job is to listen, and listen carefully. This type of sharing process is one of the most honest, free structured, inspired ways that customers can relay their opinion, and that precious opinion is going to be the basis on which you make future decisions for your company!

User generated content is a win/win for the customer and the company. You could identify your company’s weak points, find out what your customers are loving, solve ongoing issues, or even find your next big product idea. So keep your ears and eyes open when the users start generating their own content — everyone stands to benefit from idea sharing.


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This post was written by Hallie Dunn

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