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One of the major pitfalls of providing a sub-par system of customer feedback is not allowing the customer to fully express themselves, resulting in half-explained answers or inapplicable data. Avoiding this can take huge amounts of time and effort from your team to create an open, encompassing system which customers can interact with to get their point across, or, you can let your customers use the IdeaWall.

Our software employs five different voting methods to ensure that everyone has their say and the details are not lost to number-crunching. The first is Limited Voting. In this option each voter is assigned a limited number of votes and a limited number of votes per topic. This system puts into place a sort of voting currency, where votes have a higher value because they are in a finite supply. Once a topic is accepted or rejected, these votes are released back to the users to being again.

The second style is Moderator Set, where Mods are able to select the number of votes allowed per item, so that certain items can have a heavier influx of votes, and the Mod is able to discern which topic is attracting the most amount of effort or attention.

Thirdly, you can allow the category itself to determine the maximum number of votes. Instead of using a specific number per user, these are assigned through each category topic, based on a system of large, medium, or small topic.

The fourth and most widely recognized system is the Up/Down Voting system, where users are able to express their approval or dissent for a given topic with a single thumbs up or down. Using this method, the most popular topic is determined by the item with the highest ratio of up:down votes.

Lastly, there is the option for Star Voting, which lets users assign each topic a rating of one through five stars, expressing their appreciation with a higher star count. These are analyzed like a classic movie-star rating, with the highest average rating becoming the most popular topic.

It’s all a matter of versatility. To get the most from your customer interactions, you must allow them to vote however is most comfortable to them!

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