The Top Three Ways to Improve Your Business with Feedback

When you ask your customers to participate in feedback, sometimes the information provided can fall into the cracks. This is particularly so if the customer has occasioned to type up a response for a survey in the “other” field, or simply presented a representative of your company with a new idea for business improvement. Ideally, none of these moments would be lost once they arise. But the truth is that it can be difficult to capture information that doesn’t quite fit into the bounds of the current feedback surveys or customer service conversations. So where does a company turn?

Answer: the IdeaWall. Using customer feedback has never been more versatile, more specified, more effective, or more open than with the unique platform of the IdeaWall. Even the best efforts of customer service representatives can wind up missing out on fantastic ideas if they don’t get the message right, if they don’t have time to record it, or if the conversation doesn’t sway in the right direction. But with the IdeaWall, you will be able to capture the core of the public opinion and never miss a good idea as you use the community’s eye to scope out the best thoughts and plans for the company. Take a look into the world of customer service forums, and we guarantee you’ll never look back!

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This post was written by Hallie Dunn

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