The Voice of the Customer (VOC) is a movement in customer service to start listening to the customer when they’re just being themselves, rather than gathering your feedback from cut-and-dried, clinical customer feedback form situations. In today’s technology era, customers are all over Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pintrest, and a broad array of other social media platforms to talk about your company – it’s up to you to get out there and listen.

With VOC’s, you’ll be bringing all of these varied voices together so that your company can benefit from the information being passed around in virtual spaces. A few years back your company may have been able to get by without using VOC’s, but at this point you would be missing out on revenue, losing customers, and becoming more and more out of touch with the way your brand is viewed in the public eye. Needless to say, VOC’s are critical for your business to survive the test of time!

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