No great feat is accomplished alone. While one genius idea may seem like it’s the only one of its kind, the reality is that great ideas are just a conflation of other ideas, brought together in an elegant union to improve upon all of them and invent something wonderful. This is why collaboration is such a necessity to growing your business and achieving bigger, better things with your product.

Whether this means collaborating internally, between management and associates, or listening to external voices, like customers and competitors. The right impetus to spurn that next big idea can come from anywhere at all, so it’s important to keep your ears open and proper communication methods available. With the IdeaWall, you are able to create forums which are available to users on the inside and outside of the company, with equally valuable input for your team. The forums can be curated and managed by your trusted admins so that each voice finds the proper channel and the right idea makes its way to the top. This kind of open platform allows for collaboration across the board between people who know your company best: its customers and its representatives.

What your business needs the most is a debatable topic – so let it be debated. You may be surprised at what greatness forms with the right encouragement!

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This post was written by Hallie Dunn

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