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As a business, usually have the basics of customer service down before you even kickoff the products for the first time. Having a powerful customer service solution on your side, in-taking tickets and resolving concerns, and setting up a multi-channel system are almost a given when you start to think about creating the best customer service department your company can have.

Businesses usually have the basics of customer support nailed down before the doors have even opened to the public. A powerful customer service solution, ticket tracking software, and multi-channel service systems are necessary to stay up to speed with today’s standards. Where your company really has the chance to shine lies in the fine-tuning of customer service: utilizing those oft-overlooked areas of the internet to your advantage. Opportunities to take your customer service to the next level are everywhere! Here are the top three underrated customer service tools, just waiting for you dive in.

#1: Social Media. Of course, this category is never ending at this point in our tech-crazy age. There are almost infinite platforms which could be considered “Social Media,” all of which are available to you as a company as a resource for your customers. Facebook is a non-stop feedback stream which will allow you valuable honesty from your customers that you may not be able to receive from outdated customer feedback forms. Twitter is the same way, with a soapbox-centric setup allowing every buyer to monologue their feelings and experiences in an unforced, brass tacks environment. And there are sites like this around every corner of the internet, so keep your eyes out.

#2: Blogs. When properly managed, a company blog can be an excellent resource for product development and customer insight. Taking the time to master SEO optimization and providing rich, engaging content will encourage your customers’ participation in a blog, which can drive sales, notoriety, and customer loyalty. Your blog can also be deconstructed and provide a surprising amount of detail on your customers’ specific interests and needs using blog analytics to improve your understanding.

#3: Forums. While forums definitely have a higher level of moderation than social media platforms, these can still be a game-changing device for customer feedback and comprehension. Forums have the unique ability to get deep into the details of product questions without presenting an off-putting front for incoming users. It’s easy to organize, requires little maintenance after the initial kickoff, and provide a constant stream of knowledge sharing between the customer and the company.

Using your underrated customer service tools will get you in touch with the customer on a higher level than ever before. By stepping outside of the prescribed customer/company decorum, you will be able to truly understand who you are working with on the other end of the buying process. With this in your power, the benefits may never end!

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