The Strength of Forums

Collecting customer feedback can be approached in a broad variety of ways, all with their differing advantages and disadvantages. Exploring the options is a solid plan to find the method or methods which work best for your company. As it unfolds, there are a few important things to keep in mind about the unique format of the IdeaWall’s forum-style feedback management system to keep in mind.

Firstly, the forum allows for a virtually limitless range of input to be collected from the customer, by allowing customers to be the lead contributors to the forum. In some methods of collecting feedback, amassing huge amounts of customer feedback can sometimes get a little haywire and disorganized, making it difficult to sift through or act on the collected data and nullifying the positive benefits of feedback in the first place. But this is not so with the forum method. Because of the idea floating system, the most popular and helpful ideas will automatically rise to the top to encourage more traffic, more input, and more attention placed on that one thread.

Not only will forums allow for more input and more useful organization, but it will also free the customer to convey their actual, nuanced experience to the company, something that bounceback e-mails or pop-up surveys fail to capture. With a forum, numbers aren’t just numbers!

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