When the world of customer service feedback first was beginning to come on the scene, it was a complicated dance performed between companies and consumers to evoke the right kind of interaction and encourage the flow of real information between both parties. It can still be difficult, in today’s era of feedback quizzes and response e-mails, to generate an organic discourse on topical, company related information.

It’s gotten much better, and customers are more self-aware when it comes to understanding the need for feedback, but it can still wind up being a rigid, uncreative environment, which doesn’t usually generated inspired responses or honest comments. Luckily, in the age of the Internet, companies have one little luxury that no other generation has ever been privy: present day companies can just listen.

Social media has become a staple of every US citizen’s home, and social media platforms are used constantly to showcase opinion after opinion on each user’s experience. This means that individuals are tweeting out their heartfelt feelings for what went wrong and what went right with their experience with your company — it’s just what you always wanted. And you are likely being tagged in these comments, as well!

Because this social trend has landed so fatefully in the laps of our current companies, it’s important not to overlook the abundance of information available on a daily basis. Listening to customers is a luxury that should not be left to waste!


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This post was written by Hallie Dunn

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