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When using the IdeaWall and posting your ideas for customers to vote on, the first thing to figure out is what type of forum you should be using. It is important to know which forum best fits your situation to fully grasp the customer feedback you are receiving. This article compares and contrasts the three different types of limited voting here at IdeaWall.

If you are posting ideas that are all about equal in the execution process, the forum you are going to want to go with is the User Limited option. Say you are having an important business event and you want to find out what type of food to cater, the user limited option is the one you are going to want to go with. Generally, each and every restaurant has about the same process which would make every option equal. The User Limited voting option allows the forum moderator to set a number of limited votes per user and is perfect for this type of scenario.

When thinking about executing the ideas your customers vote on, a few things to ask yourself are: “How long will this take?” “What are the resources needed?” “How much will this cost?” ect. Ideas that are more complex than others should require a higher value. Therefore, requiring those ideas to have a higher number of votes needed to be expended is the proper way to go about this type of feedback. You can do this using the Topic Limited Option offered by the IdeaWall.

If you’ve got a lot of stuff going on but at the same time you understand the importance of customer feedback then the Category Limited option is the one for you. Instead of going through and setting the number of votes on each and every topic, you can separate the topics into categories. Each topic of the same category will require the same amount of votes to be expended on the topic. A quick yet effective way to find out what your customers want. For example, a good way to use this is to separate the topics into 3 categories such as low, medium, and high.

As you can tell, the IdeaWall offers three distinct and powerful voting types to make the most out of the product. Depending on which situation you find yourself in, you can select the type of forum voting that you require. If you have any questions regarding the different voting methods, please feel free to contact us to learn more.

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This post was written by Eric Nelson

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