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On a scholarly campus, whether it be high school or collegiate, the student body is the driving force for all activity and engagement. The professors and school board conduct the organization of the thing, but the students are the lifeblood. A common issue in a scholastic setting lies in the passive way that adults treat student opinions. Their voices, although numerous and valid, are hushed or overlooked because of the roles that they play in the school, despite the fact that students make up the most highly affected group when it comes to making campus-wide choices.

With a proper system for customer feedback management, this pitfall can be very easily avoided. Students represent a particular brand of honesty that can truly be a gold mine for potential if received with the right amount of open-mindedness and met with the same level of sincerity. The IdeaWall could present to your school a campus-changing tool which would give your students the right platform with the right flexibility to elicit the information that you so dearly need to know about what works and what does not work on a daily basis.

Giving your student body a voice could be the best decision you make all year. Any student who comes away from your facility with a bad taste in their mouth, feeling neglected or unheard, becomes a life-long naysayer who will spread their experience to anybody who asks. Give each student a chance and give your school the leg-up it needs to grow into its better self with the IdeaWall.

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