Feedback Voting Systems

Customer feedback management systems require impeccable planning, careful organization, and a dynamic system which can flex with both your customer’s desires and your company’s needs. The IdeaWall was built by experts who know what it takes to make a system really tick.

The voting methods included in the system are a prime example of how flexible and powerful the IdeaWall can really be. You can designate different methods for different scenarios, allowing participants to vote with User Limited Voting, Topic Limited Voting, Up/Down Voting, Star Voting, or simple a Standard Forum setup where users interact and share their experiences without voting at all. Whatever works best for your customers is exactly what the IdeaWall has to offer.

The system is built to last, too. With scalability being such a necessary feature for growing organizations, our software was built to operate flawlessly whether the traffic level is heavy and consistent or if your company is just starting out. With multiple forums, capable admin tools, UI customization, and a secure, hosted server, you’ll be amazed at every turn.
All of this comes at a price tailored for your organization, too. Our product is a great alternative to other feedback management companies who target enterprise-level customers exclusively. The IdeaWall is a specialized, state-of-the-art customer feedback management system priced like a wholesale product. Because this system was grown from a group of individuals who truly understand the need for such a product, it is ever changing and second to none.


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This post was written by Hoyt Mann

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