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Managing your customer feedback front doesn’t have to be a complicated business. One of the best ways to collect customer feedback is by use of a forum — which has demonstrable advantages over other methods.

The first reason you’ll want to get in on the forum game is that the interactions therein are one-of-a-kind. Not only will customers be interacting with the company, but they will be interacting with each other, which results in a community building effect to better the relationships surrounding your customers and your company. You will be privy to all manner of inspiring interactions, conversations, and ideas, and you’ll be able to direct and guide those ideas as needed to ensure that the discussion stays on topic and polite. This sort of group effort will encourage your customers to be honest and engaged, which will also usually result in strengthening the loyalty of your customer base, as users begin to find a sense of belonging with your company.

You will also be pleased to see a jump in your SEO content, which will boost the views on your website and increase the visibility for you as a company. Forum posts are usually heavy with keywords and related phrases, to the great benefit of your site.

The last reason is to get to some unbeatable market research — when customers are being open and thoughtful about which parts of the product are working and which are not, you can only stand to benefit from that dialogue. An active forum has the potential to be very revealing for which direction you should take for advertisements, product development, and more.


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