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Many customer feedback systems are not reaching their full potential for the simple fact that there is only one way to share your opinion. Customer feedback surveys usually give a few answers, but customers have to stay in the box of those answers. Some feedback systems don’t give everyone the voice they deserve, instead focusing on single customers and attempting to reach their individual desires, following the saying, “the squeaky wheel gets the grease.”

One of the main features that sets the IdeaWall apart from its competitors is the unique voting system that allows customers and participants to use five different methods of voting to more accurately portray their opinions. The IdeaWall offers the ability for users to have 10 votes for a specific topic, use the star voting method, set their own number of votes per topic, and other options as well. This way, no one has to make do with an answer that isn’t exactly right!

From the start, every business knows that the customer knows best. Perfecting one of the most functional customer feedback management systems came from the mentality that whatever works best for your customer is exactly what will work best for you. Giving your customers the option to vote in unique ways, for unique features will improve your business more quickly, more effectively, and with a direction which is more in tune with your target market!

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This post was written by Hallie Dunn

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