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What Is Idea Management?

October 21, 2016 Published by

Great businesses are formed upon great ideas. Everyone knows a great idea when they see one, but how many people know how to actually put that idea into action, and create a reality from the intangible? Idea Management means cultivating, perfecting, and utilizing a way to capture a great…

The Value of an Idea: Why Collaboration Is Necessary

September 8, 2016 Published by

No great feat is accomplished alone. While one genius idea may seem like it’s the only one of its kind, the reality is that great ideas are just a conflation of other ideas, brought together in an elegant union to improve upon all of them and invent something wonderful….

Keep Your Movie Moving

August 12, 2016 Published by

Using the IdeaWall is all about continual growth. That can mean business growth, sure. But it can mean a whole heap of other things as well.

When writing a script, whether it be a movie, short film, video blog, independent project, or anything in between, a lot of the…