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The IdeaWall: How to Have It All

May 5, 2017 Published by

Customer feedback management systems require impeccable planning, careful organization, and a dynamic system which can flex with both your customer’s desires and your company’s needs. The IdeaWall was built by experts who know what it takes to make a system really tick.

The voting methods included in the system…

Quality Control: How to Get the Most From User Voting

January 27, 2017 Published by

Your customers have a lot to say, and as a company, it’s in your best interest to devote yourself to listening. Processing customer feedback and ensuring that your company has a good system of customer feedback management is an in-depth, elongated development, but it’s something you’ll have to focus…

Versatility is Key: Forum Voting Options

September 23, 2016 Published by

One of the major pitfalls of providing a sub-par system of customer feedback is not allowing the customer to fully express themselves, resulting in half-explained answers or inapplicable data. Avoiding this can take huge amounts of time and effort from your team to create an open, encompassing system which…

The IdeaWall’s types of limited voting forums

July 6, 2016 Published by

When using the IdeaWall and posting your ideas for customers to vote on, the first thing to figure out is what type of forum you should be using. It is important to know which forum best fits your situation to fully grasp the customer feedback you are receiving. This…