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Learning From Your Students

August 25, 2016 Published by

On a scholarly campus, whether it be high school or collegiate, the student body is the driving force for all activity and engagement. The professors and school board conduct the organization of the thing, but the students are the lifeblood. A common issue in a scholastic setting lies in…

Feedback Management: Helping your Non-Profit Succeed

July 22, 2016 Published by

The IdeaWall itself is a valuable platform when it comes to feedback management. Tapping into that can be as simple as allowing access to the right people. With non-profit organizations, one of the more important aspects of keeping the group thriving is successful fundraising.

The IdeaWall is a brilliant system…

Employee Satisfaction

June 2, 2016 Published by

The physical, mental, and emotional status of your employees has a huge effect on your company. To make a successful company is to prioritize the success of its employees. One of the most important aspects of ensuring your employees’ satisfaction is to value their time and opinions.

Anyone who…