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Working with customer feedback forums have a huge advantage in that the best and most popular opinions automatically float to the top of the list. This gives users and moderators alike a good look at what the public eye sees as the company’s strongest or weakest points, so that the company can make educated, effective decisions in how to move forward. This allows for some really positive change for buyers and businesses, but how exactly do you manage a forum?

The organization can get a little unruly without the proper guidance. The job of moderating would be quite a large one on its own, but with the IdeaWall, moderators will benefit from the expertise of our developer’s experience in creating the ideal tools for the job.

For example, the IdeaWall allows moderators to merge two or more topics into one to reduce cyberspace clutter and converge all related comments into one tab for easier review and analysis. None of the content or comments from any of the combined topics are lost, simply organized for simpler access. Little additions like this one are what make the IdeaWall such a standalone in the world of customer feedback. Without having to spend time on needless editing and the repetition of sorting through dozens of topics that all have the same central idea, let the IdeaWall help and start getting more from your customer feedback.

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