Facebook and Social Media

Facebook, and similar social media outlets, have become a hotbed for honest, reliable feedback from your customers. On a by-and-large scale, the curious thing about Facebook feedback is that its base of users are not normally the type to complete customer feedback surveys. Not only are you able to receive pertinent information to help your company grow, but you are able to get it from a whole new wealth of customers who had been relatively silent before social media came around. With all kinds of social media hanging around, the Voice of the Customer has never been so strong.

One of the dangerous sides of social media, however, is how instantaneous it all happens to be. By the same power that handed us “viral videos,” you will see a single customer service folly blow up into a multi-post nightmare that can grow like flames in a barn full of hay. Social media service is a whole new world of customer satisfaction that must be treated with the utmost immediacy to keep up with the trends. Response times have to be quicker than ever before.

By these measures, it is valuable to you as a company to keep your social media feedback well managed and prioritized to maintain a level of company awareness and customer satisfaction that can keep your business in the green. Using Facebook and similar sites, you can transform your customers’ voices and opinions into actionable ideas, for a positive benefit that both you and your customer can feel.

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This post was written by Hallie Dunn

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