Feedback Voting Systems

Your customers have a lot to say, and as a company, it’s in your best interest to devote yourself to listening. Processing customer feedback and ensuring that your company has a good system of customer feedback management is an in-depth, elongated development, but it’s something you’ll have to focus on if you want to succeed. One of the best ways to help filter the voice of the customers who participate in your feedback is to make use of a many-tiered voting system. The IdeaWall has provided a few good ways to allow your customers to express themselves fully with online feedback:

  1. User limited voting. With this system, users have a limited number of votes per topic and per participant, so that they instinctively place a heavier value on items they are voting for.
  2. Topic limited voting. This style also assigns a limited number of votes per user, but the topics themselves cost different amounts of votes depending on how they are assigned by the admin. This means that participants will have to expend multiple votes for a single topic to be counted.
  3. Category limited voting. This method is similar to the topic limited method, but instead of each topic having to be assigned, the moderator or post submitter will place the topic into one of a number of categories which will have a pre-existing set number of votes. This can cut back on time spent moderating the posts and help expedite the process of gathering information.
  4. Up/down voting. In this simple system, users can vote up or down for a topic, and the vote total is found by subtracting the “down” votes from the “up” votes. This is clear, quick, and will allow the most popular topic to be quickly accessible by both users and moderators.
  5. Star voting. With star voting, users are free to rate as many topics as they choose with a number of stars, ranging from one to five. The most popular topic is found here by viewing the topic with the highest star rating.

With the many ways to vote, the clarity of the information you receive and the control you have with collecting feedback is vastly improved. The IdeaWall has it all.

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This post was written by Hallie Dunn

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