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The IdeaWall is a product in which participation is key – it’s definitely powered by the people. With this in mind it would follow that your community-based organizations are going to benefit the most from such a versatile tool.

Take municipal government for example. With this group it is necessary to get the full spectrum of the community opinion, to ensure that the right decision is being made for those people. City council meetings are a must, but what about those who may not be able to attend, or residents who felt their voice was not properly represented? It’s unrealistic for council members to capture every angle of the public opinion in a single meeting.

This is where the IdeaWall comes in. Using this ever-present, publicly available forum, your city would be able to continue a conversation started at a city council meeting for as long as necessary to bring out the heart of the matter. The open space will allow for community members to add their unabridged input, and if the idea is a popular one, it will rise to the top naturally so that it can be considered with the gravity it deserves.

Municipal government has a difficult job in ensuring the satisfaction of the community, but with the IdeaWall you can basically let the community improve itself.

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This post was written by Hallie Dunn

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