Non Profit Success

The IdeaWall itself is a valuable platform when it comes to feedback management. Tapping into that can be as simple as allowing access to the right people. With non-profit organizations, one of the more important aspects of keeping the group thriving is successful fundraising.

The IdeaWall is a brilliant system to improving the management of feedback, in any form. This can mean internal as well. With the IdeaWall, you can reward the participation and hard work of your NPO’s most valued members quite effortlessly. The platform allows for organization of information based on the priorities of VIP members, inclusive of money spending, event interest, upcoming goals, and really anything at all. With the open, web-based environment, users will also be able to input their feedback on a 24 hour basis, because sometimes your most important ideas do come late at night! With this kind of system in place at such a passion-driven location as an NPO, the elements will react quite positively together to create a lucrative, functional, effective business environment.

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