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Gathering customer feedback using forums and voting is more than just about the votes and the forum. There is a level of administrative management that must be met for feedback software to really fit your company’s specific needs. The IdeaWall is a no-compromises solution that will get your the forums you want, the votes you need, and the management that is required for a truly powerful feedback management system.

With the IdeaWall, your forum administrators will have access to several important management tools to keep your forums in line and pumping out the ideas that you need. General, privacy, voting, topic, comment, anonymity, categories and additional voting settings are all part of the IdeaWall administrative suite of options.

General settings are where your admins can name the forum, describe its purpose and set the use of flags, filtering spam and close forums.

Privacy is a big concern when it comes to feedback. Not only because of the rules of the internet, but also to keep certain privacy groups in the loop and others out. Changing the privacy groups gives your administrators control over who can see a forum and who can’t. Sectioning your customers by different privacy groups will give you more selective control over the input that you receive on your forums and will provide more accuracy by eliminating the users who don’t apply to certain votes.

Voting settings allow your administrators to select the type of forum they want to use, allocate votes and set maximum number of votes per forum. Some of the features that can be toggled on/off in the Topic settings include: moderation, thumbs up/down on forums, and various allowances for your users to create topics, set categories and more.

Comments are fuel forĀ forums and can help gather even more feedback than what you would normally get with votes alone. While votes are great statistical indicators and give you the results you require, comments are the place where your customers will openly and freely express themselves outside of the voting mechanism. The IdeaWall offers several admin options for forum comments.

While it’s great to get to know your customers, sometimes there is a level of anonymity that certain people require to express themselves. Administrators in the IdeaWall have the ability to allow several functions to be enabled or disabled for anonymous users of the forum. Certain toggles include: voting, commenting, topic creation and thumbs up/down.

Feedback forums can grow extremely quickly when you encourage your customers to provide you with valuable feedback. At some point or another a new level of organization will become required. When this is the case, the administrative categories option will come into play. Here, your administrators can set categories, delete categories, and show hidden categories to make your forums operate smoothly and with none of the chaos.

These are some of the available options that the IdeaWall has set up for your administrative needs. With a simple user interface and plenty of options for your admins, you will have the forum that you desire up and running and in turn you will provide your customers with better experiences by tailoring your product and services to your customer’s needs. If you have questions regarding the administrative tools please feel free to contact us.

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