The IdeaWall

Customer feedback is the driving force for positive change in your company. Properly listening to customer feedback means keeping your priorities in order: who stands to benefit the most? In the game of customer feedback, the customer does. Ensuring that you and your team approach a feedback scenario with an open ear, and the intention to listen rather than just collect data, will ensure that you have a successful system on your hands.
With this in mind, you can make a huge impact with the IdeaWall. Here are a few simple steps to get you started and keep you going.

  1. Create your IdeaWall as it needs to be, tailored to the exact needs of your team and your business goals.
  2. Customize your IdeaWall to perfection, creating a seamless branded experience for customers to latch onto and identify with.
  3. Market your IdeaWall in all possible areas to encourage the most interaction and the widest range of customers available.
  4. Engage users—constantly provide input and encouragement from the company to let customers know that you are involved and invested in their experience and place the utmost importance on their voice.
  5. Implement changes by using customer ideas and keeping customers in the loop with up-and-coming projects or announcements.

Listening is the most powerful tool you have to help improve your company. Use the IdeaWall to jump-start your process!

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