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One of the benefits of running your customer feedback efforts in the online realm is the ability to customize the digital facade of your feedback system. Your first objective should be to find a solution that allows you to customize aspects of the interface. One such solution is, of course, The IdeaWall.

The IdeaWall was developed to have a simple and straightforward customization interface. The first thing you can do after setting up the product is to select a unique name for your IdeaWall. This is key in getting the customer feedback that you want. You want to make sure that users of your IdeaWall are able to recognize that is is YOUR organization to whom they are giving away their precious feedback. It all starts with the name.

After you have your name selected and saved, you can move on to the fun part. The IdeaWall allows you to customize your feedback forum’s header, colors, links and more. This is a fantastic feature that will take your name from a recognizable to undoubtedly yours. Get your custom header ready, grab your branding colors and set up the system to look and feel the way you want. Even your logo can be incorporated! Total brand recognition will make your customers more eager to provide feedback knowing they will be heard by the correct party.

The final step to customizing the look and feel of your IdeaWall is to set up the welcome message. Think of it as the greeting you might get when going into an upscale retailer. It’s that first real interaction between you and the retailer that sets the mood for the rest of the experience. So make sure that welcome message is a reflection of the kind of experience you want to provide your customers so they can be happy to provide you with the wealth that is their feedback.

To learn more about The IdeaWall’s customization options, head over to our customizations page and take a look around!


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