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Using the IdeaWall is all about continual growth. That can mean business growth, sure. But it can mean a whole heap of other things as well.

When writing a script, whether it be a movie, short film, video blog, independent project, or anything in between, a lot of the same needs come into play with the creative genesis. Using the IdeaWall can give you that little extra boost when you need it the most.

Collaboration. When your plot has reached a lull, and you’re not sure where to go, head for the IdeaWall! Fan-powered ideas are often the most effective and intrinsic next-best-step in a script plot.

Maybe, in a similar scenario, you’re just not sure how to finish the movie out. Ask your IdeaWall for that! The answer will leap out more quickly than you would believe.

Allowing your support system to aid your progress is a wonderful idea, and one easily facilitated by the IdeaWall. Collaboration within a feedback forum or included in feedback management is an easy way to succeed in the film industry, and one of the best ways to network yourself into a well-balanced, comfortable working environment. Money and passion help your movie get started. But input is what helps your movie keep moving.

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