When you have implemented a customer feedback management system, it’s appropriate to feel a sense of accomplishment for what you’ve done for your customers and your company. Employing the customer opinion in your future business plans is absolutely necessary for a successful company. But simply creating an environment in which people can emote is not the end of the battle with customer feedback — you must monitor and appropriate the feedback that you receive in a useful manner.

With the IdeaWall, this means setting a moderator for your feedback outlet. People are prone to an almost excessive sort of honesty when it comes to contributing online — which is why you want to have control over what is and is not allowable for customer feedback forum situations. A moderator to monitor the received feedback will allow you to build the feedback community in the way that is most beneficial to your company and customers, without jeopardizing the integrity of the feedback you are receiving. But you must be careful in selecting the moderator, as it’s not the easiest job in the world. Aim to choose a person with a level-headed personality and a fair, respectful mode of operation so that all interactions will be lead with this aura at heart. Along with these traits, it’s important to train your moderator thoroughly to ensure the success of your feedback program.

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