Customer Feedback

Customer feedback is extremely important to point your company in the right direction. Customer feedback surveys are one way of collecting data, but ultimately, the canned results they produce lack the power of inspiration to really give back to the asking company.

When you are making choices in moving forward with company plans, taking into account employee and upper level management opinions are of great value, but not to be taken without the sense and filter that the customer opinion gives. Providing surveys really limit the amount of feedback customers can give – questions like “Were you satisfied,” and “how likely are you to return,” do not paint any picture of the customer’s character or desires.

You get to a customer’s character and desires by setting them free on the field of information. The IdeaWall provides an environment in which customers would be able to interact, speak freely, bounce off of each other, and build the company together. Only through this carefully structured, specifically free-form type of setting are customers able to release the reality of their desires for a company direction. The IdeaWall employs tried-and-true methods of organization as well, so that the best ideas and most popular posts will float automatically to the top of the interest page for any viewer or participant.

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