Customer Feedback

When you collect feedback for a company, it can often be a hairy business. Many customers will have information or opinions to share which are not on your radar, not related to your actual company, or otherwise off-the-mark. This is a fairly frequent problem with open-ended feedback options, like essays. So how exactly do you get to the heart of the matter and glean useful information from the opinions provided?

The IdeaWall has developed a method of feedback management which will change the way you see your customers, your product, and even your business at large. With this software, you can open the floor for broad scale customer conversation without hampering your ability to filter through the good and bad — because the users do it for you! The unique voting system ensures that the most popular ideas float to the top automatically, so that you really get a handle on what the people want from the get-go. Using callback or e-mail surveys can be a useful method of collecting feedback from the customer, but everyone in business knows there’s nothing quite like a good conversation.

To get in on the reality of where your company sits and where they could be headed in the future, get involved with the IdeaWall. Your customers’ feedback has so much potential!

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