Feedback management is incredibly helpful in the non-profit world, especially if you find the right one.  There are so many overpriced feedback management systems out there, and aren’t a lot designed for different non-profit organizations. How can The IdeaWall help your church?

Service Times. Maybe you have a few different church service times, but no one is really attending the 7:30AM one. If you have a feedback management system in place, you can have your church members go to your IdeaWall and make suggestions when it would be best for people to attend church. If 9 works better than 9:30, how are you going to know unless your members collaborate?  

Fundraisers. What fundraisers do you think would work for the church? A “battle of the bands”, Bake Sale? Let your members decide what they would like to see implemented at your church.

In the non-profit world, your time and money is precious and meticulously earned and spent. The IdeaWall will help you to collaborate internally and externally to make important decisions for the church and its members, as well as save you time through the unique feature voting methods.  You won’t have to read through thousands of ideas, the favorite ones will float to the top—helping you to prioritize decisions.

Would you like to see your church implement a system like The IdeaWall? Why or why not?

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