feedback management for insiders

There are nearly infinite ways to make positive use of an encompassing feedback management system. Thinking outside the box can leave you again and again with a new idea for using the feedback that you receive. Frequently, businesses assume that feedback is used for customers to provide information to the company. But that’s only using half the product. A good system of feedback management is inclusive of internal collaboration possibilities.

An executive in a company has a plethora of responsibilities on their plate. He or she is constantly moving and doing, fixing and meeting, calling and recalling throughout the day. For that type of person it can be incredibly difficult to get a good meet-up time to work out between two or more executives with fluctuating, demanding schedules. But the feedback is imperative in order for the company to work. What is the solution?

You’ve probably guessed that it’s feedback management. Allowing your executives to use such an easy, intuitive product as the IdeaWall to communicate ideas and values to each other is hugely advantageous to a company on the rise. There are no time barriers, so participation is high, and there are no restraints to the ideas that could be cultivated therein.

Feedback management is ideal for internal use with all types of employees, but there is a particular draw to the executive group for its flexibility. What works for you, works for us.

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