Decision Making

Utilizing the IdeaWall is about managing your feedback as a company, but don’t let that limit your vision for which feedback, or from whom you can glean usable information or participation.

One of the oft-overlooked categories of feedback lies in the manufacturing arena. Oftentimes feedback can be viewed as just an idea bin – an intangible brainstorm of what may or may not become of your company and its products. But on the manufacturing floor, everything comes to life. The solidifying of the ideas is exciting and realistic, as you are able to channel your customers’ feedback right into that visceral, quick-moving atmosphere. But you’re going to need the right sort of tools to really achieve the desired effect.

Creating an open environment for customers to provide their insight on your physical production will improve the output of your manufacturing department with noticeable differences. Letting your customers inform you on how your manufacturing business can change or improve will really give you the wisdom to make the next move on the ground level of product creation.
Always be open when it comes to customer feedback! Sometimes the kneejerk reaction is to shake your head at a new idea, but more often than not, it’s best to work with the dreamers and not against them.

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