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When a company creates their brand, it’s often viewed as a necessary move from a corporate point of view to improve upon numbers and appearance. It’s true that the creation of a brand, and its continued development, does have a large effect on the sales you can drive for the quarter. But it’s important to acknowledge that this effect is not the only one, and arguably not the most influential one.Branding is about building relationships. When branding is done correctly, it will:

  • Build loyalty. Customers who look to your brand as a familiar face are much more likely to be repeat buyers, and much more likely to speak highly of your company to their peers. If your brand has a robust, tangible reputation, customers who see it can safely think to themselves, “Oh, I know them. They’re good.”
  • Increase beneficial feedback. When customers feel as though they are in a relationship with your brand, it’s important to each individual to share their experience in hopes of improving or encouraging the things they like about your company. This is exactly what you want and need in a successful feedback scenario, as it means that customers are willing to come to your company for reasons other than anger or disappointment.
  • Increase product value. As your image improves, so will your reputation. Customers who are able to identify a reliable company by their image are willing to invest a lot more in its products.

Branding is not just about going through the motions to stay current with the market, it’s about learning from your customers, and giving individuals the acknowledgement that they need to feel comfortable with your company. A good brand builds a good relationship.

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