Engaging in Customer Feedback

It’s never a bad time to start improving the customer feedback game for your company. There are a good number of traditional methods that have been used to glean customer feedback by request, like e-mail, survey or phone-based setups. While these have their advantages, they don’t quite measure up to the social media opportunity that businesses have today.

A major advantage of our era is that outspoken viewpoints are highly encouraged. Social media like Twitter and Facebook have embraced an environment which reinforces the individual voice for each user, which can really have a positive effect on the feedback to which your company has access. When someone experiences a poor service, it’s usually talked about on social media. When someone feels they have been treated kindly and respectfully, the same holds true. This means that, unlike any other generation of business management, you are able to accurately collect a good sample of customer views from both sides of the line, with a 100% honesty rate. This kind of information would have astronomical value in the previous, dark days of “please press 1 to participate in this survey”. So take advantage! Keeping a listening ear on the social media trends will help to grow and improve your business in the way that your customers will understand.

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This post was written by Hallie Dunn

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