The Proper Form for Forums

If you take feedback to its core, what you are really asking is for someone to care enough about you to be open and honest with their experience. In a friendly setting, it isn’t usually very lucrative to outright ask someone what they want to happen. That can seem too forward, garner inaccurate results, and even make the recipient suspicious of your intentions. The same is true in a business setting when collecting customer feedback.

With this in mind, your company will need to focus on training its agents to encourage and engage each and every client (and potential client) to get to the real, meaty feedback that your company can act on! Asking personal questions, investing yourself in the conversation, and allowing the customer to speak freely when the moment strikes will lead to those creative, uninhibited conversations that can give you and your company that stroke of brilliance for the next big step to take.

The golden rule in feedback is to treat every customer as though they are your only customer. When your agents are able to listen, fully, with an open mind you will be pleased and surprised at the kind of positive influence that attitude can have on both the customer and your company on a whole. Growth is just around the corner — it just needs a little care and attention to come around!


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