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Collecting customer feedback is a hairy business — how do you know which submissions are gold, and which ones aren’t so helpful? How do you sift your way through what may be hundreds or even thousands of entries worth of customer opinions, without dropping the ball?

There are a couple ways to approach the situation. The most important thing to recognize, off the bat, is that organizing and managing your customer feedback is not a one man game. You’re going to need help.

One of the most effective ways of finding which submissions need to be prioritized is to let the people speak for themselves — after all, that is the whole point! With the IdeaWall, you can watch as customers vote the most important ideas to the top of the pile, which minimizes work for you and maximizes the affecting power of your feedback.

The second most necessary approach, which is really coupled in with the first, is that your company will need to rely upon your software to help prioritize the feedback you receive. A system of organization is, at times, much more reliable than elbow grease. Eliminate human error and maximize the use of your feedback with a software system you can depend on.

Getting organized can turn over a new leaf for your company, and make your feedback management more effective than ever before.

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