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Collecting information from your customers is just a starting point for a full suite of useful activity that you can garner from having a fully developed customer feedback management system. With the right kind of software, you will be able to generate the kind of positive experiences that will give people a better work morale, a higher response rate from the customer’s side, and a better, clearer, path as a company. One of the main ways to incite this kind of positive influence is to ensure that the product you select is able to give you the exact environment that you require — no matter what the specifications may be.

With the IdeaWall, you and your agents will enjoy a level of customization that will delight and engage users on both side of the interaction. Some of the major features include:

  • Color customization, so that you can make your header, background, and link colors fit in with the company brand and continues the seamless interface from purchase, to service, to feedback.
  • Message customization, so that you company will be able to say exactly what it needs to say, in the places that it needs to be said.
  • Interface customization, so that every user and every company can be as comfortable as possible in the workspace they are presented with.

Giving your customers what they want often starts with giving yourself what you need. Customize to the highest degree with the IdeaWall!

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This post was written by Hallie Dunn

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