Crowdsourcing and the IdeaWalll

Crowdsourcing is the way to find out what your customers really want. Crowdsourcing is obtaining business ideas through a large group of people, typically your customers, rather than your employees. It is a way for businesses to come up with ideas outside of their “base of mind.” Crowdsourcing combines numerous ideas from different people to come out with an ultimate result. Every business wants to maximize profit and crowdsourcing is the most effective way of doing so. Finding out what your customers want will boost your sales and attract even more customers.

Crowdsourcing is what the IdeaWall is all about. The IdeaWall is a very effective yet simple way of obtaining important information that can lead to the improvement and success of your business. Take a look at businesses such as Starbucks, Coca-Cola, FedEx, or Google. They are all big advocates of crowdsourcing which has definitely contributed to the success of their businesses.

The IdeaWall takes the rather complex challenge of crowdsourcing and simplifies it down for the benefit of the customers and the business. With customization, security, and many features including five ways to vote and the option of allowing admins and customers to present ideas the sky is the limit.

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