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Growing up in a small town can have its downsides, but it can also teach someone a whole lot about personal interactions and customer service. In a big city you can blend into the cracks, get lost in the currents of people and receive bland, impersonal service from every business on the block. But this doesn’t happen in a small town. In a small town, when you want to get your car fixed, chances are the mechanic knows your car, your oil preference, your name, and probably your mom’s name, too. Which is a good thing.

It’s all about authentic connection. Providing customer service with genuine interest and passion will result in the sort of familiarity that will build trusting, life-long customers. If your car mechanic knows enough about you to hand pick the right flavor of air freshener, you will come away from that interaction with a really positive feeling, which will ensure that you are ready and happy to come back for more. Treating your every customer like you live in a small town can do wonders for your business.

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