Creating Positive Impressions

Customers usually don’t think in great detail about the way that they view your store. That’s why it’s important that you do. Many times a customer will make a snap decision about the store based on their first experience, or lose interest later down the line when something simple and fixable just doesn’t wind up working out in their favor. All of this is in your hands, as a company, to improve upon.

Impressions have two basic qualities: first impressions, and lasting impressions.

To achieve a positive first impression, a company needs to focus on its appearance and presentation. Incoming customers will be centering their judgment based on what is readily available, and it’s all within your control to make those obvious qualities positive ones. That may mean bright colors, or inviting sounds, or just positive employees and smiling faces. The crucial thing to remember is that first impressions can be very hard to shake, so it means a lot to your customers (and to your company) to make a good one.

Lasting impressions are based on your company’s ability to perform and follow through on the offered product or service. Studies have shown that it is easier to get current customers to return than it is to get new customers to sign up, so it is lucrative to focus more on the customers you’ve already attained than on the potential of incoming sales. Listening to your customers longer, with a deep interest and a regard for their feelings and interests can help make each and every customer feel safe and comfortable with your company, creating a lasting positive impression in their minds.

Creating a positive image for your company is easier than it looks. It may seem cliché, but prioritizing the customer’s wants and needs will never let you down! Help your agents do their best to provide for each and every customer and you will be able to see the benefits roll in across the board.

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