Celebrating Independence


Your employees are your company’s biggest support system. With a strong employee satisfaction regimen, comes a strong business. So what is it that your workers need in order to succeed? The question has a good number of answers. A healthy work/life balance is important, as well as providing an agile management team for them to rely upon. But one of the key factors in ensuring the happiness of your employees is to celebrate their independence.

Every employee wants to know that their presence in the company is valued and their time is being spent working towards an achievement or goal. Without this sort of sentiment, coming into work can often wind up feeling like a Sisyphus sentence: mechanically showing up, repeating the same work over and over, never making progress and never changing. Imagine the toll on an active, vibrant mind when faced with such a situation! Celebrating the independent natures and personalities of your employees is absolutely imperative to maintain the health of your company.

Exercises like team building, workplace competitions, birthday parties and daily brain teasers can help keep your workplace alive with the unique personalities that have come to settle there. Remember that your company isn’t just a profit machine, but a home base.

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This post was written by Hallie Dunn

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