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Custom Comforts for a Quality Company

February 3, 2017 Published by

Collecting information from your customers is just a starting point for a full suite of useful activity that you can garner from having a fully developed customer feedback management system. With the right kind of software, you will be able to generate the kind of positive experiences that will…

Taking Command of Your Feedback

December 16, 2016 Published by

Customer feedback is an industry that formed itself. From the very beginning of consumer-based markets, came an onslaught of opinions from folks who were buying the products — perhaps it was fruit, or tools, or livestock. Even in this kind of setting, customers had their opinions and they made…

Making the Most of the IdeaWall

July 15, 2016 Published by

Customer feedback is the driving force for positive change in your company. Properly listening to customer feedback means keeping your priorities in order: who stands to benefit the most? In the game of customer feedback, the customer does. Ensuring that you and your team approach a feedback scenario with…