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Managing an IdeaWall forum

July 6, 2016 Published by

Gathering customer feedback using forums and voting is more than just about the votes and the forum. There is a level of administrative management that must be met for feedback software to really fit your company’s specific needs. The IdeaWall is a no-compromises solution that will get your the…

A Winning Customer Feedback Strategy

July 1, 2016 Published by

When it comes to customer feedback, there are many ways to take advantage of new technologies. Forum-based feedback software designed to capture, manage, and prioritize customer feedback utilizing community discussions and voting is one of the premier ways to make this happen. In this type of feedback system, users…

How to Make a Good Forum Great

May 28, 2016 Published by

Online forums have a huge potential benefit to your company. With functional forum, you can increase revenue, customer loyalty, product awareness, and receive important feedback from your users. But without the proper care, your forum could fall a little flat. It’s all about building a community. With a forum,…

The 5 Benefits of a Forum

May 11, 2016 Published by

Once you have your business website running functionally and you feel pretty happy with its interface, it’s time to open that up to public opinion. Your best interest is ask for your customers’ input, and there’s no better way to do that than to encourage use of online forums….