The Proper Form for Forums

Collecting usable customer feedback is a process. Despite what you might think, not every half-baked idea is a winner — but it is true that all ideas have the potential to become a game changer for your company. An open mind can lead to a lot of open doors, and the same holds true when applied to customer feedback management.

When you receive feedback, one standalone comment doesn’t hold a lot of clout until it is conflated with other people’s endorsement. This is one way in which the IdeaWall is really able to excel — with this software, no customer comment is really a standalone. That way, every item of customer feedback is potentially subject to the changes and suggestions of other customers, creating a rolling sort of formula that will allow users to bounce ideas off of each other and drum up unique, group effort solutions.

Opening up the floor to this creative way of thinking is a sure fire way to find the right path of improvement for your company. Not only will customers be getting what they want from your product, they will have a sense of place and power in the company itself for being able to participate in its growth. It’s a win/win situation!

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