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When it comes to customer feedback, there are many ways to take advantage of new technologies. Forum-based feedback software designed to capture, manage, and prioritize customer feedback utilizing community discussions and voting is one of the premier ways to make this happen. In this type of feedback system, users submit ideas and take votes. The best ideas automatically rise to the top of the forum for more frequent consideration from forum members which then fuels discussion and allows for implementation of changes based on that feedback.

Why would you want to create forums for customer feedback?

Feedback from online communities paves the way for better business decisions.

Your customers are always willing to give you advice about your product and its capabilities, as well as your service delivery, as long as you provide them with an easy system for doing so. With feedback forums, your customers can easily give you feedback on what you are doing that works, and what they think requires change.  Voting makes this process even easier by giving a simple interface to provide that feedback.

Forums can help identify those who are in the process of leaving as customers. 

Customer feedback can get ugly. Especially with unhappy customers – those who are in the process of leaving your company as customers. Forums are a great way to identify those customers and gives your company a great opportunity to mend the relationship before termination. Customers in forums tend to let others know how they really feel about you. Make use of forums, identify at risk customers, mend relationships and keep your customers.

Get rid of frequent issues.

Using feedback communities will open the door for customers to express their discontent with frequently occurring issues. You can then use this feedback proactively to resolve these issues quickly. By doing so, and implementing the fixes, updates, upgrades and systems, you can stop these issues from ever bothering other customers who might not have experienced them yet. The same logic then applies to new customers. With the help of feedback forums, you can cut the issues that would otherwise plague your company.

Increase customer satisfaction by opening the communication channels.

Forums are a fantastic way to listen to your customers’ voices. Listening to your customers has been proven to increase customer satisfaction, and why wouldn’t it. Having feedback forums shows your customers that you care about their satisfaction with your product or service. Listening also creates longer lasting and healthy business relationships. Customers stay when they feel taken care of and listened to. Customers stay when when you build trust. Keeping the communication channels open and simple allows your customers to create stronger relationships by significantly increasing customer satisfaction.

Discover your fans.

Who are your happiest customers? If you are having problems identifying them, it might be time to set up a customer feedback forum. When you open up a feedback forum, you get to see the problems that customers have with your product or service. However, by the same token, you can also see who your happiest customers are by keeping an eye on those forums. Happy and satisfied customers are your best sales system. Word of mouth travels quickly with praise. Keep those forums open, available and frequently under watch to see who your fans are and use them to build new relationships.

With The IdeaWall, the best customer feedback software, your company or organization can effectively capture the power of online communities.

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