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The IdeaWall: How to Have It All

May 5, 2017 Published by

Customer feedback management systems require impeccable planning, careful organization, and a dynamic system which can flex with both your customer’s desires and your company’s needs. The IdeaWall was built by experts who know what it takes to make a system really tick.

The voting methods included in the system…

Mapping Your Way to Success

March 31, 2017 Published by

When you gather feedback from your customers there are a few key points to make sure you are hitting, in order to ensure that your findings are effective. You’ll need to give your customers the kind of comfort that would encourage honest responses, your methods need to have flexibility…

Make Your Customer Feedback Platform Unique

March 24, 2017 Published by

One of the benefits of running your customer feedback efforts in the online realm is the ability to customize the digital facade of your feedback system. Your first objective should be to find a solution that allows you to customize aspects of the interface. One such solution is, of…

The Fantastic Forum

March 17, 2017 Published by

Managing your customer feedback front doesn’t have to be a complicated business. One of the best ways to collect customer feedback is by use of a forum — which has demonstrable advantages over other methods.

The first reason you’ll want to get in on the forum game is that…